Change Is More Than Good.

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Change is more than just good, it is God’s idea.

Even before sin entered into the human equation God was in the business of change.  Creation itself was a change of sorts. We know that everything that is was made through/by God, and without Him nothing is made.  So everything we see is a change.

When we read the creation story one of the mysteries contained in it is the mystery of the earth itself.  We are told it was formless and void.  It was both in a state of chaos and empty.  And then, through the Word, change came, creating boundaries and life.

It may be that we assume that since God does not change that change itself is inherently not good.  It is true that there is great comfort in the reality expressed in scripture that God does not change.  By it we know that God’s Word is faithful.  Our human context has shown us time and again that a persons word is only as secure as their commitment to their character.  If they have integrity then maybe we are fine.  If they do not have integrity their word means little to nothing.  Add to that the reality that we are, as individuals, in a flux of change.  Some changes happen rapidly under our supervision and others more subtly, often when we are not watching.

God does not change, we do, and everything around us does or will. The earth and the heavens will be cleansed by fire.  Those who follow Christ will one day be transformed in the twinkling of an eye.  The grave will be emptied, the New Jerusalem will descend and God will be with us forever.

Some of these ideas of change we embrace quickly and others we hold with a sense of

“I don’t know what that is all about and I am not sure I want to.”