Perfectly Imbalanced

The call to mediocrity is the call to uniformity.  It comes from a place within and without; a whisper of what sounds like contentment and maturity. It is neither contentment or maturity but rather sloth and reason.  It has the ring of light and yet is a suffocating darkness that carries the danger of death.

An example of this may be found in the phrase, “So heavenly minded they are no earthly good.”  This statement is so empty of truth it should cause our hearts pain. There is no possible way a person could be too heavenly minded.

It may be that a person’s language is religious and their deeds are not moved by their “religious” thoughts.  This is not too heavenly minded; it is self absorbed and is likely filled with the sin of pride.

A person who is truly “too” heavenly minded is following the instruction of Jesus to “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” as well as Paul’s instruction to “Set our mind’s on things above”.  These instructions speak to the priority placed on a life given to Christ.  There is truly no balance in a life given to Christ. It is a commitment of all.

This imbalanced life should be an obsession with a life of “worshiping in Spirit and in truth” for this is what our Father is looking for.  In this a person is committed to a life of living “in spirit”,  a communion with the Holy Spirit and a life deeply invested in the scriptures (in truth).  Not simply in the reading or study of scripture, but a passionate engagement with them.

Such a life will be marked with conversations that are heavenly focused. Conversations focused upon the will of God that is expressed in heaven and an urgency that these would be manifest in the earth.

Don’t be drawn into another’s complacency.  Don’t let rhetoric shape your thoughts or your heart.  Let the currents of the Holy Spirit’s moving draw you up where being grounded is a matter of the heart.

4 thoughts on “Perfectly Imbalanced

  1. I think it is possible to be so ‘heavenly minded’ that you can be no ‘earthy good’. I think it was James who wrote of ‘pure and undefiled religion’. It would include prayer, no doubt, but at the age I am now, I am struck by the phrase ‘visiting the widow in her distress’. That was one of the things he mentioned as being pure and undefiled religion. There are a few people from the church who have visited me ‘in my distress’. But there is one in particular who has done more than visit. Every week she has come and taken my laundry home and then returned it to me clean again. I think James would have been thinking of someone like her when he wrote that verse.

    1. I agree that a person’s words may be empty, but the issue isn’t being too heavenly minded, it is being self indulgent, which is the language of the the earth not of heaven.

      The remedy for this issue is not being less heavenly minded, but more. There may be some whose conversation and activity is little more than religious sentiment, but it is not likely there conversation or activity that needs to stop, it is their hand that needs to engage. This is an issue that is not rooted in being too spiritual.

      There are those who have a form of godliness that have not come to the knowledge of the truth (2 Timothy 3:1-7). These are not heavenly minded, although their conversation may be.

      I can actually imagine the conversation that would take place if the rich young ruler had followed Jesus’s instruction to sell everything, give his money to the poor and follow Him. (Jesus motivated him by saying he would have treasure in heaven). This young ruler’s friends would likely have said something like, “He has become too heavenly minded”. (They couldn’t say he was of no early good since he would have given the money to the poor.). Jesus motivation to this man was to be heavenly minded. (… and you will have treasure in heaven)

  2. mediocrity=decay & death … the true result of marxist ideology & communal uniformity (utopian construct), as you’ve put it: “sloth and reason … suffocating darkness that carries the danger of death”. The antithesis is an explosion of life … Jesus, the source and sustainer of all life is also the well-head of excellence. Drink deeply.

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